Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cutting Tiquan Underwood On Eve Of Super Bowl Was Not Heartless, It's Football

I guess I might be in the minority of bloggers here, but I think that the New England Patriots have every right to modify their roster on the eve of the Super Bowl.  This is about winning Super Bowls, not giving everyone participation points.

Cutting a role player like Tiquan Underwood is not a heartless thing.  They don't need another wide receiver (looks obvious that Ochocinco IS going to play now). Bill Belichick thought that the Patriots could use another defensive lineman, so he's putting in an undrafted rookie lineman who's been on the practice squad all year and who has only played in one other game. How about that as a feel-good story?

C'mon, people, it's just another attempt by the media to drive the story of the heartless Patriots. This is the Super Bowl. Winning it is all that matters.  Underwood still gets a ring if they win. He still gets a full share of money ($44,000 if they lose, $88,000 if they win).

By the way, I have the Giants winning 30-27.

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