Monday, November 14, 2011

Peyton Manning Okay With Colts Drafting Quarterback In 2012

Doesn't it seem like every piece of news out of Indianapolis in the past few months has indicated that Peyton Manning is unlikely to play again?

First we had all the negative news surround his neck surgery back in September.  Then, eights weeks after his surgery, Manning was fairly negative in his comments to the media concerning his healing and return.  Now, we have word that Colts Owner Bill Polian has said that Peyton Manning has given him his blessing on drafting a new quarterback in the 2012 NFL draft.

For someone who wants to see Manning play again, I'm feeling pretty discouraged by all this negativity.

Now, it may all simply be just practical thinking on behalf of the Colts, and Manning does seem to be a stand-up kind of guy.  After all, he only signed a one-year contract this summer with a multi-year extension because he knew he was hurt.  He could have easily held the Colts' collective feet to the fire by demanding a large signing bonus up front.  Instead, the contract calls for a massive roster bonus of $28 million due next Spring.  By then, the Colts should know if Peyton is fully healed and ready to play again.

Perhaps this is all just an attempt to avoid any controversy.  The Colts just may not want to deal with questions related to Manning's attitude about them potentially drafting Andrew Luck (still think they shouldn't do it).

In any case, it's still yet another sign that Manning may not play another down in the NFL.

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