Saturday, February 4, 2012

McCourt Continues To Sully Los Angeles Dodgers' Name

For fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and MLB, the auction for the team can not be completed soon enough.  Having started last week and expected to be done sometime in April, the new owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers will undoubtedly be far more respectable than Mr. Frank McCourt has been.

McCourt will undoubtedly go down in MLB history as one of the worst owners ever, and his refusal to accept any responsibility in the Bryan Stow case is a prime example.  It's a certainty that McCourt is simply trying to stall a settlement in this issue, at least until he can sell the team and maximize his takeaway profit from the auction.

While the auction itself is being conducted, we won't know the leader until it's over. I'm personally rooting for Joe Torre and his group.  Torre has the respect of the MLB community and is a good choice to remake this once-storied franchise.

In any case, once the auction is over, here's hoping they chase McCourt out of town.

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