Monday, September 19, 2011

Indy Reporter Thinks Colts Should Go Get Brett Favre - Okay, Let's Compare Favre To Kerry Collins

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star thinks that the Indianapolis Colts need to dump Kerry Collins and go get Brett Favre off his tractor.  (Apparently he didn't read my post: Five Reasons Why Brett Favre Isn't Coming Back)

Seriously, that's what he wrote:
Why not try something a little crazy and see if Brett Favre is interested in dismounting his tractor and taking over the Colts offense?
Now you may or may not think that the Colts can win with Collins (I do, but they're not going to make the playoffs this year without Manning).  However, to think in any conceivable way that old #4 is the way to success is seriously misguided and ill-informed.

Aside from the fact that Favre had one GREAT season in his career (2009), he was beyond terrible last year.  Hey Kravitz, in case you don't remember, Favre started off 2010 with an 0-2 record as well. He also had a better defense and running game to complement him than what Collins has.

In fact, let's compare the first two games for 2010 Favre and the 2011 Collins:

                Att/Comp      Yards     TDs      INTs       QB rating (each game)
Collins      35/69             388        2            1                81.3/62.5

Favre       37/63              396        1            4               71.7/41.3

Now, looking at those stats, tell me which quarterback you'd rather have.  Collins may not actually win you games, but he's not going to flat out lose you games like Favre did for the Minnesota Vikings.

I say give Collins some time.  Develop the running game, which has been anemic for too long.  The Colts have allowed this team to become too dependent on Manning, and now it's biting them in the butt.  Take this time now to develop other areas of the offense and stop blaming Kerry Collins.


Anonymous said...

Comparing only two games is beyond stupid.

Jules said...

Not sure if you meant my analysis or the Indy writer's. The reporter made the comment after two weeks of the season. I then analyzed it at that point. I thought it was an asinine statement, and still do. I could do it again if someone else brings it up. I actually just analyzed Donovan McNabb's first four games compared to Favre's first four last season.