About The Blog

Sporting Jules was started in June of 2011 after I decided to finally get off my butt and start doing what I loved.  Sports has been a passion of mine since the crib (family stories abound of my obsession with watching football as a toddler), but it took years to finally get to the point where I felt I wanted to write about it.  I'm tired of going to blogs on sports only to find simple rehashes of what others are writing about.  I wanted to analyze stories from the view of someone who perhaps can offer a different opinion to what you may already be reading elsewhere.

As a youth, I played any sport I came across.  A varsity starter in basketball and softball, I declined a potential scholarship in basketball to focus on my studies.  I played on a flag football team at the University of Georgia that took second place in the women's division.  I also played on another co-ed team where I was the quarterback.  Currently, I'm a lacrosse goalie for a local league.  

While I don't want to get into my level of education and my career on this blog, I do have a background in health/medical studies which is why I write so much about medicine and sports. 

I also write articles on sports and other subjects for the Yahoo Contributor Network.  In early October, I was accepted as an NFL featured contributor.  I also am now a featured contributor for their "weird and wacky" sports news section.  Outside of Yahoo, I am a guest contributor for another sports blog, State of the Sport.

I write because I have a lot of opinions on sport.  Not all of them are going to be correct in the long run, and I might contradict myself from time to time in different articles.  That's because my opinions, like sport, is ever-evolving.  

Feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts as long as it is courteous and is not spam.  I have posted comments from others that do not agree with me, and occasionally have written follow-up comments to explain myself further.  

I hope that you enjoy the blog. You can drop me a note if you like on my twitter account: @SportingJules