Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Does Anyone Think David Carr Is a Good Backup For Eli Manning??

I just saw a story on Yahoo tonight that made me choke.  In it, David Carr was lauded for his practicing ability and for being a solid backup for Eli Manning.

Who are they talking about? If we're talking about the David Carr that I know, we're talking about a guy who is 23-56 in his career as a quarterback.  A guy who has bounced around the League since he was released from the Texans in 2007.  He's played for the Giants, Panthers, and 49ers.

The last time I remember him playing was a horrible appearance in relief in a game for the San Francisco 49ers last year.  How this guy still has a job in the NFL is beyond me.

It must be a terribly slow news day, and Yahoo has run out of Tebow stories. That's the only way I can envision how this story got published.

There's no way that Eli won't play (currently getting through a "stomach bug"), and the Giants would have no chance if he didn't.  Sometimes there's a reason why you have a crappy backup: it's cause your starter never misses a game (not since 2004).

Ask the Indianapolis Colts how that strategy worked out for them.

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