Sunday, December 11, 2011

Will Bears GM Jerry Angelo Retire After This Season?

I just read that there are "persistent reports" that Chicago Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo may retire after this season is over.

Angelo has held that position since 2001.  He was the one who hired Lovie Smith, and the guy that orchestrated the trade for Jay Cutler.

However, I'm all in favor of the guy retiring.  The Bears have managed to win despite not having the kind of offensive talent that they have needed.  Trying to fit Devin Hester into a #1 receiver position is a prime example.  Not having offensive line talent is another.

The Bears are about to approach a critical juncture over the next few years.  The defense is aging and hasn't had new, far younger guys who have grown into stars.  They won't sign Matt Forte to a long-term contract.  I love Lovie Smith, but I felt he should have been fired a few years ago.

I just want a different approach.  

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