Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kyle Orton Goes To Kansas City Chiefs; Should Be Thankful

We'll never know how many teams wanted Kyle Orton after he was released by the Denver Broncos a few days ago.  The waiver wire pickup process is a closed one, with only the team who ends up with Orton identified.

We'll never know for sure if the Bears really wanted him, or the Redskins, or the Colts, or the Dolphins.  What I do believe is that the Chiefs were the best possible landing spot for him.

Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

He's said before that he wants to start, and any quarterback wants a long-term starting spot if they can get it.  He wouldn't have gotten that in Chicago or in Indianapolis (where even if Peyton Manning doesn't play again, I think they're committed to drafting a top QB).

He also wants a stable team, where the coach isn't in danger of getting fired and the new coach coming in may not want him (Miami).  He also wants stability and a coach that believes in him.  The Redskins are anything but a team that sticks by its offensive players.

Ultimately, the Chiefs have the best opportunity for him.  I highly doubt that Head Coach Todd Haley will get fired this year.  The team has lost its top running back and quarterback, and is right now 4-6.  They're facing an upcoming brutal schedule (Pittsburgh, @ Jets, Green Bay, Oakland, @ Denver).

However, I think that Orton could come in and start relatively quickly.  Poor Tyler Palko doesn't seem to have an NFL arm, and the Chiefs don't want to lose every game coming up by 30 points.  Orton can come in, throw a couple touchdowns a game and keep the game relatively close.

If Orton were to have massive success in this offense, I'd have to re-evaluate my opinion of him.  I don't think he's capable of winning games by himself.  Maybe he's maturing into that role, but I haven't seen it yet.

He could be the next Kerry Collins.  The guy who became the ultimate backup/fill-in quarterback for teams.  Collins had a nice, long career and ended up starting quite a bit in his later years.

In any case, don't feel sorry for Orton. He's right where he should be.

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