Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tim Tebow Has Earned Opportunity To Start in 2012

I would like to thank Tim Tebow for proving me wrong.  Seriously, thank you Tim Tebow.

I was one of those who felt that Tebow had no shot as a quarterback in the NFL and that the Broncos would never, ever give him that shot.

Then again, Tebow is one of those individuals who performs much better on game day than he does in practice.

Many quarterbacks have lost their jobs because they couldn't perform in the most stressful situations when the game was on the line.  Tebow is earning his job BECAUSE he performs in the most stressful of opportunities.

Every game he's showed improvement.  Poor spirals are mostly a thing of the past and his accuracy, while still criticized by certain people, is actually rapidly improving.  Tebow is making the tough throws now that he couldn't two months ago.  The rate of his progression is amazing.

I feel that Tebow's upside is tremendous from this point.  A full off-season of working on his passing skills could do amazing things.  The guy has earned this chance.

Too often, the player won't live up to his hype.  In Tebow's case, the hype was that he couldn't play in the NFL.  So, I guess he didn't live up to the hype, right?

Then again, who would have thought that these words by Tony Dungy would have been so prophetic back in 2009??
Tim Tebow Makes A Throw
Training Camp 2009

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