Friday, January 20, 2012

Jim Tressel To Be Interviewed By Indianapolis Colts For Head Coaching Vacancy??

Well, I guess ultimately everyone in the Ohio State scandal is getting what they want? We're a year out from the tattoos for memorabilia scandal that rocked Ohio State University.  Where are all the players now?

Terrell Pryor got to go to the NFL a year early to make a bit of money and see what he can do.

Ohio State, after suffering through one craptastic season (by their standards), hired one of the best coaches in America, Urban Meyer.  They're set to return to the BCS Championship game shortly.

Now we have the major player in the scandal, in my opinion, former coach Jim Tressel, perhaps getting an opportunity to interview with the Indianapolis Colts for their head coaching vacancy.

Glad to see that justice is alive and well in sports.

It's not as if Tressel's interview opportunity is out of left field.  He did work for the Colts this past season, albeit it as a replay consultant in the coaches' box.

However, it just bugs me that this guy is getting any sort of shot so soon after he was fired by OSU.  Granted, there is no way he should get the job. No way.  However, the fact that he could ultimately get a prominent assistant coach job somewhere bugs me incessantly.  Call me a stickler for the rules, but this guy basically covered up a major scandal involving his players for months.  Then, when his players get busted, he acts surprised and then publicly shames those players.

Where is the true public shame for Tressel? There really hasn't been any.  The guy has gone from the BCS to the NFL and still has his millions.  The NCAA attached a "show cause" to Tressel that will make it difficult for any college program to hire him, so he's gone to the NFL. Because of his coaching reputation (certainly not his character), he's getting opportunities.

I just wonder what Buckeyes fans think of this.

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