Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chip Kelly Going To NFL's Tampa Bay? Must Mean Sanctions Coming For Oregon

If this rumor of Oregon's Chip Kelly going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is correct and he ends up there, it will be Pete Carroll leaving USC all over again. (***Edit 1/23: Kelly has backed out the offer made by Tampa Bay and will staying at Oregon)

Carroll left a very successful run at USC in an off-season in which USC was eventually hit with several serious NCAA sanctions for violations committed under Carroll's watch.  Despite saying prior to leaving that he didn't think that the sanctions would be that bad, he bolted for the first NFL job he was offered.  In two seasons as Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, his record is 14-18.

Now Chip Kelly is the latest Pac-12 coach to bolt a team rumored to be hit with sanctions in the near future. If he were to take the Tampa Bay job, he should be subject to some sort of punishment by the NFL/NCAA. This past season saw Terrell Pryor serve a multi-game suspension when it looked like he was simply bailing on Ohio State so he wouldn't have to serve a NCAA suspension. Why can't the NFL do the same thing with a coach?

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