Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green Bay Packers Have Sold 185,000 Shares In Two Days

If you want to buy shares in the Green Bay Packers and be able to claim that you're an NFL owner, time is running out.  The Packers announced today that 185,000 shares had already been sold in the first 48 hours of the stock offering, raising $43 million so far for improvements to Lambeau Field.

There's only 65,000 shares left, and it's likely that those shares will be gone within the next week.  The Packers had originally set a deadline for the sale to end February 29, but clearly they underestimated the demand for the tickets.

I actually got myself one on Tuesday.  The Packers are the only publicly-held team in professional sports, and to be able to be a shareolder in an NFL team is an honor few football fans get to have.

If you can afford the $250 per share cost (plus a $25 handling fee for your total order), this is a great gift idea or just a unique present to yourself.

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