Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Buy a Stock Share From the Green Bay Packers And Become An NFL Owner

The Green Bay Packers have opened up their stock sale December 6 in an effort to raise more money for renovations at Lambeau Field.

As the only non-profit publicly-owned professional sports team, the Packers are unique in the sports world.  When they need to raise a significant portion of money, they sell stock rather than hike ticket prices or attempt to tax the locals.

The last time a stock sale was initiated by the Packers, it was late 1997.

Shares are $250 each, with a $25 processing fee added to the order.  The Packers will send you an official stock certificate after the sale is over.

This is an amazing opportunity to become an NFL owner.  Despite the fact that you own only a small fraction of the franchise, you have stockholder privileges such as attending the annual stockholders meeting and being able to buy exclusive shareholder merchandise.

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