Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sidney Crosby Gets Some Time Off After Hard Hit, Penguins Playing It Safe

Sidney Crosby is getting a few games off from playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins after suffering another hard hit in a game Monday night.  After running into teammate Chris Kunitz, Crosby told team doctors that he wasn't "100%" afterwards.

Despite passing concussion tests, the Penguins are playing it ultra conservative after Crosby's long layoff in the 2010-2011 season following a concussion that wasn't rested properly.  Concussions don't always show up immediately after an impact, and the Penguins are correct in sidelining Crosby at any slight possibility that he may have sustained another head injury.  It's possible that the next concussion Crosby suffers could mark the end of his NFL career.

Here's the video of the hit he took Monday night.

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