Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Denver Broncos Waive Kyle Orton; Why Now?

I was driving home from work today and was surprised to hear the news that the Denver Broncos had waived Kyle Orton.

Why was I surprised when he was in the last year of his contract, wasn't going to be brought back to the team next year, and clearly wasn't going to start again for the Broncos this year?

I was surprised that it didn't happen much earlier.

Why release him five weeks after he lost his starting job? Why release him when the Broncos are actually in a position to compete for the AFC West division title and the playoff spot that comes with it?

I say this because, of the six games remaining in the Broncos schedule, two are against teams that are in dire need of a quarterback and might sign Kyle Orton: the Chiefs and the Bears.

So let's just look at the possible reasons why John Elway and company thought today was a good day to release Orton:

  • You actually just figured out that Tebow is capable of starting the rest of the year and you need the roster position for someone else.
  • You feel indebted to Orton to release him now to get a chance to sign on with another team and play this year.
  • You need the roster spot and you don't give a damn about where Orton goes because you don't think he can beat you in Kansas City (believing he'll either go there or Houston).
  • You don't mind if he does go to Kansas City and beats you because you don't want the Tim Tebow experiment to succeed.
  • He's being a jerk on the sidelines/meeting rooms and you want Tebow to feel more comfortable as leader of the team.
  • You just thought today was a slow news day.
Obviously, I think the real reason is most likely the need for a roster spot.  Can Orton win on another team? I think only if that team has a decent defense and running game.  Orton is always more effective when he's a smaller part of the offense (check his Bears playing days).

I think he could easily go to the Chiefs or the Texans. I don't think Mike Martz would want him in Chicago.

Here's a crazy thought: what about Washington? Maybe Orton is a better option than Grossman or Beck, and the Shanahans want another arm? 

Good luck, Kyle.

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