Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chicago Bears Want To Claim Orton? Smoke and Mirrors. It Ain't Happening

I'm finding it incredibly hard to believe that the Chicago Bears are in any way wanting to claim Kyle Orton off of waivers now that the Denver Broncos have released him.

As a Bears fan, I was very glad when the Bears got rid of him in the Jay Cutler trade almost three years ago.  Orton had a ceiling on his talent.  A ceiling that would not allow him to win games with his arm on a consistent basis.  The Bears won with him, even as a rookie, because they limited his passing and relied on a running game and a great defense.

There are tons of rumors out there now that with Jay Cutler's season-ending thumb injury, the Bears really want Orton.  Also, Orton supposedly pushed for his release because he thought the Bears would take him.

Really? It's all just peachy, isn't it? Cause any time there's a rumor out in the NFL that Player A wants to join Team B and it's mutual, the move always happens, right?

I find it very difficult to believe that the Bears would want Orton to run this Mike Martz offense.  Orton is a smart guy, but it took him six games to grasp the Josh McDaniels offense before he started putting points on the board.  Shoot, it's taken Cutler a couple seasons to finally run this offense efficiently.

The biggest issue, besides simply learning the offensive scheme, would be for Orton to somehow learn how to play behind a very tenuous offensive line.  Any fan can watch as, week after week, Cutler has to slide and dodge defensive players and somehow get a pass off.

Isn't Orton the guy who goes down as soon as someone brushes his shoulder? He has less than zero mobility in the pocket.  The Bears actually need a young, fairly mobile guy behind that offensive line.  Orton is not it.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was simply the ploy that Orton used to get out of Denver.  Instead of wasting the rest of the season on the bench, he can have a chance to still play somewhere this year (Chiefs/Colts).  The Broncos get a roster spot open.  Win/Win.

In the end, thought, if the Bears pick up Orton, I will be severely disappointed.

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