Friday, October 28, 2011

San Diego Chargers Let Player Stay in Game With Concussion; Later Suffers Seizure on Plane

I've previously written more than a few times about how the NFL is missing the boat with their concussion management policy.  Teams are circumventing this in a myriad of ways, with the players ultimately suffering.  I think, until this week, that the most obvious victim of this abuse has been Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Not anymore.

Last Sunday, San Diego Chargers offensive lineman Kris Dielman appeared to have suffered a head injury on a play during the fourth quarter of the game with the New York Jets.  He went to make a block and then reeled away from the defender and fell to the ground.  When he attempted to get up, he was noticeably shaky and had a hard time standing.

The referee saw him, but didn't blow his whistle for an injury timeout.  Dielman seemed to be able to pull himself together after a few seconds and stay in the game.  No one from the Chargers sideline came in for him.

Now that incident itself might have been swept under the rug if Dielman has remained okay.  However, on the team charter flight back to San Diego that same night, Dielman went into a grand mal seizure.

Now the NFL is investigating.  Dielman was never evaluated for a concussion during the game, and was only diagnosed afterwards.  I've written before about how I believe it's only a matter of time before the NFL puts independent doctors on the sidelines of games to watch over the players.  Clearly, the teams are failing at this in some cases.

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