Friday, October 28, 2011

Miami Dolphins Reach Out To Cowher; Another Stupid Move By Owner Steve Ross

One would think that Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross would have learned his lesson last year.  While he still had a head coach on staff who had not yet been fired, he courted Jim Harbaugh and tried to hire him away from Stanford.

The move received a lot of negative  publicity in the NFL, where typically a coaching search is not supposed to start until you've actually got the head coaching position open.

Well, here he goes again.  Rumors are flying that Ross has contacted yet another potential coaching prospect before he has yet to fire Tony Sparano.  This time it's Bill Cowher, former coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers and current CBS analyst.

Now while I actually think that Cowher is most likely the next coach for the Dolphins, it's yet another extremely stupid move by a very rich man who seems to not know what he's doing as an NFL owner.  The guy is a real estate tycoon and probably used to making backroom deals, but he has to know that everyone seems to know everyone's business in the NFL.

Things were much better when Bill Parcells was around.  However, when he left a few years ago, he also seemed to suck most of the football smarts out of the organization as well.  The guys that he brought with him from Dallas, Coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland, have struggled mightily without Parcells around.

All I can think is that the organization needs to get its act together.  There are a few rumors out there already that Andrew Luck, everyone's #1-rated draft pick and future franchise quarterback, isn't necessarily going to simply allow himself to go to a dysfunctional franchise like Miami (just like Eli Manning seven years ago when he reportedly refused to play for San Diego, who drafted him, and was traded to the NY Giants).  Luck's dad is the athletic director at West Virginia and knows a lot of NFL management types.  He's bound to know what's really going on in Miami, just like Eli's dad did before.

Everyone know that Sparano is going to be fired.  It would be best for the entire organization if Ross would simply get the guts up to do it now and save Sparano some dignity.   Then address his GM position if needed, followed by then getting out of everyone's way.  This organization has precious few months to remake itself into an NFL franchise capable of getting Andrew Luck to commit to playing for them.

The clock is ticking.

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