Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who Is Telling The Truth About Peyton Manning's Neck?

The Peyton Manning neck saga kicked into yet another gear today when Indianapolis radio host, Jake Query, stated that two reliable sources told him that Peyton had already had neck surgery on Monday.  The real bomb, however, was that he was going to be out for the entire year.

**See my original post, here, of how serious could Peyton's neck injury be**

Within a few hours of that report hitting the "news," Colts owner, Jim Irsay, refuted it, tweeting:
"Peyton didn't have a medical procedure last sunday,we'll have more info 2 add clarity 2 situation soon.".
Let me tell you one thing that I know.  If Peyton has, or has not had something done to his neck, it's not a medical "procedure." It's really-delicate-microsurgery that only a top neurosurgeon/specialist will be asked to perform.  It's NOT a procedure.  A procedure is removing a hangnail, or a wart.  It's not spinal surgery.

Why would he even need another surgery anyway?
  • Perhaps he has some scar tissue in his neck from the past surgery that is entrapping a nerve, causing slow regeneration
  • He might have a new neck issue that needs to be addressed
  • The original procedure didn't completely free the nerve from the disk/whatever that was pressing on it
  • He is having pain from a new spot in his neck
  • He has cervical spinal stenosis and they are contemplating more aggressive surgery to help him not to play football (because his career would most likely be over), but to live a relatively normal life; anyone who doubts the potential severity of this has only to look at his older brother, Cooper, who suffers from this and has permanent nerve damage in his arms as a result

The Colts have only themselves to blame for all the innuendo and rumors.  Colts fans are pulling their collective hair out wondering if their franchise player will play this season, or even any other season.  

I understand that the Colts want to protect Peyton's personal life, and that they don't want to release information without his consent.  However, if he's simply dealing with weakness in his arm, etc, certainly that can't stop him from giving an interview to at least show himself in public.

The longer the Colts, and Peyton, go without further explaining the situation, the more rumors like these will pop up.  Could it be that Peyton had surgery already and that they're hiding it? Sure! After all, Peyton had twins earlier this year and no one outside the inner circle even knew his wife was pregnant!  They didn't even announce the births until a week later, and that was the first almost anyone had heard of it.  The man and knows how to keep a secret.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all that he had possibly had a surgery, and that they're waiting for his initial recovery to be able to determine his prognosis.  

In any case, I certainly hope that Peyton does eventually make a full recovery from whatever is ailing him.  It would be sad to see him leave the NFL, but sadder still to see him permanently disabled.  Here's hoping all these rumors are just that!

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