Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Will Ochocinco Have A Randy Moss-Type Season With Tom Brady And The Patriots?

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson got a very early Christmas gift this year: in July, he was traded to the New England Patriots.

For Johnson, who has never been the sideline/off the field negative distraction that other top wide receivers such as Randy Moss/Terrell Owens were, this move must have been the greatest gift that anyone could have ever given him.

However, Johnson has had to learn a new system, one that is apparently infinitely more intricate and detailed than the one he was involved with in Cincinnati.  (**Side note: how badly does that bode for Carson Palmer, if he decides to return to the NFL one day, and manages to get away from the Bengals?)

It should also be noted that the Bengals have had one offensive coordinator the entire time Ochocinco's been there.  He hasn't had to learn a completely new offense since his rookie year.  

He's struggled in preseason, and the New England Press hasn't been overly kind to him.  However, I wouldn't be surprised if Ochocinco turned it on once the actual season starts for the Pats on Monday night. 

He has enormous talent, having been voted All-Pro three times, and the Pro Bowl six times.  He's 27th overall in career receiving yards with 10,783 (5 more than Reggie Wayne, who has the same amount of experience). Once he clicks with this offense, he should have another outstanding season.  If he gets to stick around with the Patriots for three seasons or more, he could add onto his career stats such that he is considered one of the top ten receivers of all time.
I’m just nowhere near where I want to be,” Ochocinco said. “I’m my biggest critic anyway. Regardless of what you write, what you guys see, I’m the first to judge myself. I’m always aiming for perfection. One of the things about being here, one of the things about being in an organization like this that prides itself on perfection and excellence, I’m sort of putting the pressure on myself to be right and be perfect now. Not later. I’m trying to squeeze everything within a short time frame, and it’s somewhat impossible. But if I can aim to be as perfect as possible, I think I can get up to speed.”
Oh yes, Ochocinco has, and will, catch on.

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