Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rumors Abound That Peyton Manning Needs A Third Neck Surgery; Career In Jeopardy?

If you have read this blog before, you know that I have been following the Peyton Manning neck surgery/recovery saga closely.  Peyton has acted weird since his neck surgery in May to remove part of a bulging disc that was apparently impinging on a nerve(s).  Weird in the sense that he's been irritable and evasive in regards to his progress.

Considering the lack of information that was coming out of the Indianapolis Colts about their franchise qb, his delay in returning to the field was interpreted by me as an indication that there was indeed nerve damage done by the original impingement.  That damage could be causing a delay in sensation, motor control, and strength.

When he was released from the Physically Unable to Play list last week, some thought that this meant that he would be back to playing shortly.  However, the real reason was that if the Colts didn't remove him from that list before this weekend, he'd be blocked from playing for six weeks.

Now, word today coming out of Indy from a radio host indicate that the Colts are seeking an extra opinion from outside doctors regarding Manning's recovery and that a third surgery (third in past 18 months) is going to be needed.

Hello, worst-case-scenario.

In my (decidedly non-neurologist) opinion, the primary reason to do another surgery is that Peyton is still having major symptoms, such as pain.  Pain would indicate that there is continued impingement coming from his cervical spine.  If he is having pain, was he having it all along during his recovery, or has it just recently developed again?

Obviously, if Peyton has surgery again, that is bad for a number of reasons:

  • He'd obviously miss a significant portion of the season; How much is unknown, but at least half the season seems likely.
  • Read this blog post I did last month about why Peyton's underlying neck condition could be something similar to what his older brother, Cooper, developed.  The career-threatening condition.
Here's hoping that all of this is just smoke and mirrors and that he'll be back up and playing well in no time at all!


Anonymous said...

Just a thought, from someone who has personally dealt with herniated and torn C2-C6. Peyton has done everything possible to avoid surgery involving a fusion. Why? Not only long term problems from any spinal fusion, ie additional surgery and procedures and return of pain, but the end of his football career. I was personally able to avoid fusion, but it required nearly 2 years of various pain management procedures and high doses of opiates...but, I dont play pro football. Honestly, I believe a true objective look at this situation may result in Peyton never returning to play...and, if he does, never again at the same level of ability. Another question/concern that we will never be told about from him or the Colts is the effect long term opiate use has had. Effect of chronic pain on mental health and lowering of pain threshold and long term opiate use happens to everyone...and, he is human. Would be very naive to believe that he is/has been dependent on opiates for some time now, and probably at a very very high dose.

Jules said...

I had to look it up, but opiates are on the banned substances list. Doesn't matter if it's for a medical condition or not. I think he's literally using just NSAIDS and suffering through the pain.