Friday, August 12, 2011

Could Tim Tebow Get Traded? Broncos Should Look At Possibility

How far we've come in just a few weeks!! From thinking Tim Tebow would get the starting quarterback position to now knowing that there's just no way that the Broncos are going to trade Kyle Orton and perhaps Brady Quinn should be the #2 QB.  In fact, now I'm beginning to hear a few things around Denver that suggest that perhaps the Broncos should consider just jettisoning all the drama that surround Tebow and trade HIM to Miami.

In the roller coaster of opinions over the past month, there's a couple things that are becoming more obvious to me:

  1. Tebow is not even close to being as bad, or as good, as his critics and supporters claim him to be.
  2. He's a much better game player than practice player (whereas some might say the opposite about Orton at times).

In the aftermath of Denver's first pre-season game last night against Dallas, Twitter was initially awash with plenty of Tebow commentary.  From descriptions of his difficulties (interception nullified by penalty, getting sacked), to praise of his scrambling ability, the only thing that was overall true of his performance is that A GREAT NUMBER OF PEOPLE pay attention to him no matter what he does. 

They (the public and NFL analysts) also seem to lose objectivity when it comes to Tebow.  Instead of looking at his abilities in a non-biased professional way, there are widely varied, very emotional comments about him. Last night one NFL guy said his footwork looked horrible; today, another praised Tebow's improved drop-back technique.  

There is a small comparison to Jake Delhomme, Coach John Fox's former stud quarterback for quite a few years in Carolina.  Delhomme was a terrible practice player, but when he got his shot he switched into a much higher gear and played very well for a number of years.  Unfortunately, his play finally collapsed in 2008 in a playoff game and he never recovered.

If Tebow is traded to another team, will that help or hurt his development?  That's hard to say.  Certainly, he needs to focus on improving his game inside the pocket, and learning how to read and recognize defensive strategies. Anyone can make that assessment watching him.  

What do I think? I think the Broncos need to keep Tebow around til they know what they have.  I don't trust Orton in games where Josh McDaniels isn't the coach.  I remember him too well as quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and how he tends to play it so conservative as to make George Bush look like a liberal. Orton struggled a lot last year, and when Tebow came in he was able to provide the team with a much-needed spark.  

I would appreciate it if Tebow would simply enact a personal media blackout until he is a starting quarterback or he is traded.  His frequent interviews would seem to undermine a team that is seeking much less drama than it has had in quite a few years.  He already gets far more attention than he warrants as a 2nd/3rd string backup, and he'd be wise to show the veterans on the team that he is more concerned with his play than what he says to a camera crew.

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