Friday, January 13, 2012

Troy Polamalu Won't Have To Pay Fine For Calling Wife On Sidelines

Thank goodness someone at the NFL's top level has a heart and a brain.  Safety Troy Polamalu was injured during a Pittsburgh Steelers game back in October and was diagnosed with a concussion.  On the sidelines after the hit, Polamalu requested a cell phone from a trainer so he could call his wife and tell her he was okay.

NFL rules stipulate that no one on the sidelines of a game may use a cell phone, PDA, or similar device from 90 minutes before a game starts til the end.  Therefore, they fined Polamalu $10,000.  The Steelers safety appealed, and today the NFL ruled that he had won his appeal and won't have to pay.

That was absolutely the right call (okay, no pun intended) to make there by the NFL.  Many of these players are devoted family men and want to let their loved ones know right away what's going on when they have been injured.

The NFL too often plays hardball with the rules, and have been heavily criticized for it.  I'm a stickler for the rules, too, especially when it comes to safety.  However, Polamalu should have every right to call his family to reassure them after he is injured.

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