Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tim Tebow Is a Very Frustrating Quarterback For Denver Broncos Fans

Every time I think Tim Tebow has shown enough promise to be given the starting job in 2012, he goes and has a game like he did today.

6-22, 60 yards, 1 interception, QB rating of 20.6

You could try and blame a conservative game plan (very similar to the one they've played most of the season); you could blame drops here and there by receivers. You could try and blame the coaching staff.

However, I have a hard time getting over the completion percentage of 22% by a guy who has only been a 48% passer the whole season.  Missed opportunities defined this game as there were times when the game possibly could have been broken open had Tebow been on target to a receiver down the field.

The second quarter fumble was certainly a killer, too.  The Broncos looked like they had a good rhythm going on offense finally until Tebow lost the ball.  I'm still shocked whenever Tebow actually fumbles while running because it's something that he has rarely done in the past.

I'm trying to maintain an open mind about Tebow in the face of his performances in the past three games.  It's not as if Tebow is playing that much worse than he did in his first eight games.  The script appeared to be going to plan today, but Tebow didn't finish like he has so many times before.  The inaccurate throws and the frenzied running around in the pocket produced nothing today.

Imagine if this season had gone the way of today's game.  What if those close games against the Chargers, Chiefs, Bears, Jets, and Dolphins had seen Tebow's last-minute fourth-quarter drives go the way it did today?  Fans wouldn't be talking about Tebow being the starter next year, that's for sure.

A month ago I thought that a matchup against Pittsburgh would be ideal for the Broncos in the playoffs.  I felt that the Broncos would be able to limit the Steelers offensive attack and that the Broncos were good enough to keep the game close for Tebow to do his magic in the fourth quarter.

Can the Broncos win? I still think they can, but they have to regain that magic they had in October and November. The defense needs to stifle Roethlisberger (which they can), and Tebow needs to hit his throws.

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