Sunday, January 1, 2012

Could Tom Brady Break The Passing Record That Drew Brees Broke Last Week?

After Drew Brees broke the NFL record for single-season passing yardage last week, most people seemed to put this particular story to rest.  Brees broke it, story done.

However, an interesting scenario is playing out.  Tom Brady is only 191 yards behind Brees.  If Brady goes off today against Buffalo (and don't think they he won't after his last game against them in which he threw four interceptions), he could conceivably have a 300-350 yard game. 

If Brees has either an off day after the emotional high of last week, or is benched to save him for the playoffs, Brady could overcome him and actually become the new record-holder.  New Orleans is playing to try and get a first-round bye, but if San Francisco blows out St. Louis early, the Saints might bench Brees by the third quarter.

Then again, if the Saints are keeping an eye also on Brady's stats and really, really want this record for Brees to stand, they will call plenty of passing plays in the first half.

It's just an interesting sub-plot to keep an eye on today.

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