Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Tim Tebow Super Hero Comic Book? Yep, It's Happening

In a move that will certainly disgust his detractors and thrill his supporters, Tim Tebow is about to get his own super-hero comic book.

The three-part series is a collaboration between comic book makers Marvel and ESPN. Yep, ESPN, the 24-hour sports news network that has become Tim Tebow's unofficial publicist. I have no idea why they are directly involved other to say that they have completely abandoned the idea that they are supposed to be reporting the news, not making comics.

There's no known direct connection to Tebow, and it's not known how the quarterback feels about this (although I'm sure he's not unhappy about it).

The comic books should be ready for purchase in the next few weeks.  They will undoubtedly sell out, no matter how the Broncos fare against the Pittsburgh Steelers this coming Sunday.

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