Monday, December 12, 2011

Ryan Braun Tested Positive For Highest Level Of Testosterone Ever Found In MLB

As more and more information is leaked about Ryan Braun's positive PED test, his case gets harder and harder to believe.

Today the information that was released and reported by ESPN was two-fold:

  • Braun's positive test results were for exogenous testosterone (that means it came from outside his body)
  • His test results were so high they might be the highest positive results that MLB has ever seen
This is the same type of positive PED test that cyclist Floyd Landis had after his incredible one-day mountain stage that propelled him to the Tour de France title in 2006.  Of course, we all know what happened next. His insanely high testosterone level led him to lose that title and be banned.  Adamantly denying everything for a few years simply dragged his name through the mud and lost him all the millions he had earned and won.  Eventually he admitted his guilt.
So why would someone use testosterone in baseball? Well, for one it builds muscle mass (think of Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire) which promotes strength.  Secondly, it promotes fat loss. Thirdly, it also helps increase energy in the body by promoting glycogen synthesis. This allows for the ability to work out harder than normal, allowing for greater endurance gains.

Think Braun might have wanted that?

If Braun's defense is going to be that he was unknowingly taking a supplement that was tainted, that's pretty weak.  It's probably also the only defense that he could have.  

All that absolves him of was knowledge that he was taking a banned substance.  It still means he won the NL MVP while getting extra some extra "help". 

Ultimately, that's what everyone will remember.


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