Sunday, December 11, 2011

Does Ryan Braun Think We're All Stupid?

I'm going to say, first of all, that if by some miracle Ryan Braun is declared innocent of PED violations, I will write a post to apologize.

However, lay out the list for me of the athletes that have tested positive for illicit drugs that have been able to prove themselves innocent.

Go ahead.  I've got time.

Can't think of any? Me, neither.  I'm fairly confident, due to the nature of PEDs and the extensive measures to which players can attempt to circumvent testing, that false negatives are significantly more prevalent than false positives.

Meaning, a lot more guys cheat more effectively than Ryan Braun.

Why wouldn't they do it?  Great players may need these drugs to maintain their skills and production.  Millions of dollars and reputations are at stake.  Look at Manny Ramirez.  Two positive tests.  Do not tell me that he wasn't taking it during those heady successful years with the Red Sox when they won two World Series championships.  Was it worth it for him? I would say yes. He's disgraced, but it wasn't as if his character was something that people lauded.

We don't know yet what Braun, who is lauded for his character, is alleged to have taken.  Was the test positive for excessive testosterone levels, synthetic testosterone, or another illegal steroid? We know it's not HGH.  While the latest MLB CBA is allowing HGH testing out of season, those tests won't start until next Spring.

So Braun can deny all he wants right now.  When the appeal process is over, we'll all know the details.  I hope he's innocent. I just don't expect it.

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