Thursday, November 24, 2011

Urban Meyer Doesn't Want You To Know YET That He's Next Ohio State Buckeyes Coach

Multiple sources have reported that Urban Meyer is the next head football coach at THE Ohio State University.  Multiple years, multiple millions per year....the actual contract is besides the point.

Meyer is, of course, denying it right now.  That is, he's denying that an offer has been made or accepted.  Course, he's not denying that he's in talks with Ohio State.  The story actually broke November 18, so it's picking UP steam instead of going away.  There's a reason for that.

The big reason why Meyer doesn't want to announce a deal yet is that Ohio State is still currently playing its regular season with its current head coach, Luke Fickell.  Meyer likes Fickell and doesn't want to disrespect the guy.  He also doesn't want to distract the team from its upcoming matchup with Michigan.

We all know this is going to happen.  Just be patient and all will be revealed next week.

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