Friday, November 18, 2011

Many Reports Announcing Urban Meyer As New Ohio State University Football Coach

How much should you believe in these rumored reports that Urban Meyer will be the new Head Football Coach at Ohio State?  Sports by Brooks claims not only is the agreement done in principle, but he's already recruited much of his coaching staff.

(**Note, this story was written on Nov. 18; I wrote a follow-up piece on November 24)

This staff would include current head coach Luke Fickell, ESPN's best college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Spielman, and Jon Tenuta, among others.

I have no doubt that if Urban Meyer wants to coach again that he would choose Ohio State.  Of all the vacancies that are out there (Ohio State, Penn State, Arizona, New Mexico, Tulane, Ole Miss are the current openings), Ohio State is BY FAR the best job available.  The facilities, fans, and the multitude of millions the program brings in ensure top-notch surroundings.  Add to that a fairly cushy schedule (far easier than Meyer's days in the SEC) and easy-to-get top recruiting classes every year, and you have a team that should win 10 games every year.

If Meyer keeps the defense as dominating as it has been in recent years, and then puts in his spread offense under the right quarterback, Ohio State will be right back up on top of the Big Ten next year.  If he recruits the speed guys out of Florida for his skill positions, then Ohio State should start winning national titles again.  Most of the pieces are already there. His job is way easier than when he went to either Utah or Florida.

So how trustworthy are these rumors? Well, I could see it happening.  Fickell was never going to get the head coaching job.  Meyer, if he wants to coach again, will not find a better position for himself than in Columbus.  I can absolutely see this being true, and I'd guess that it'd be announced as soon as the regular season is over after the Michigan game on November 26.

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