Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wayne Rooney Suspended For Three Euro 2012 Matches After Stupid Kick To Opponent's Leg

England striker Wayne Rooney has hurt his team once again after being suspended by UEFA for what should be the entire group stage at the 2012 Euro tournament.  The suspension was given for an act carried out by Rooney during England's match with Montenegro last week.

In the video, you can see the Montenegro player take the ball away from Rooney, who then appears frustrated and angry.  He tries to jump the back of the other player and when that doesn't work, he kicks first at his foot and then at the back of his leg.

Now typically, a red card usually results in a one-game suspension in international play.  However, UEFA reserves the right to extend that suspension if they feel it is necessary.  Given Rooney's reputation and prior misconduct, it's clear they are sending a message.

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