Sunday, September 4, 2011

Terrelle Pryor To Appeal NFL's Five-Game Ban After Saying He Wouldn't

After saying for weeks that he wouldn't, Terrelle Pryor is now going to appeal the five-game suspension that the NFL levied on him upon his entrance to the NFL via the Supplemental Draft a few weeks ago.

Just another classic reversal from the former, disgraced, Ohio State quarterback.  Now, granted, it is widely known that the NFLPA wanted Pryor to appeal from the moment he signed his contract with the Oakland Raiders.  That was to try and stop the NFL from becoming the NCAA's long arm of the law.

The first question I have right now is whether or not Pryor can actually appeal at this point.  Typically, players have three days to appeal any suspension handed down by the league but the usual interpretation is that the appeal must occur within three days of written notification.  Is that true, or is it three days of when he was added to the ineligible list and began serving said suspension (as he was yesterday)?

In any case, the Raiders only have two quarterbacks on their roster right now after releasing Trent Edwards today: Jason Campbell and Kyle Boller.  There is obviously a place on the roster cleared for Pryor.  This is despite the fact that he never got into the last two preseason games for which he was eligible.

The Raiders have to be behind this decision of Pryor's to appeal, but he going to take some backlash from the media and fans for this reversal of his stated intentions.

Just another topic to watch this week as the NFL season officially opens.

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