Sunday, September 11, 2011

Interim Cy-Hawk Trophy Gets Ripped Apart After Dramatic Triple-Overtime Iowa State Victory Over Iowa

The Iowa State Cyclones defeated their in-state rivals, the Iowa Hawkeyes, in a highly dramatic fashion on Saturday.  In Triple Overtime, the Cyclones scored a touchdown to win 44-41.

Immediately after the winning touchdown, the Cyclone players raced across the field to the Iowa sideline to reclaim the Cy-Hawk trophy, the prize for their victory.

In recent weeks, this Cy-Hawk trophy has seen a lot of damage.  Changing the old trophy design to a new one that was roundly and almost completely rejected by college football fans in Iowa, the Cy-Hawk trophy on display at the game was a temporary one while the new one is being made.

This Cy-Hawk Trophy Was Cut Before
The Season Started

Here's a video of the excitement following Iowa State's victory.  At 1:18 into the video, you can see the trophy clearly is whole, although the top piece might be coming off at that point.

At the 1:34 mark of the video, the trophy is clearly in at least two pieces (despite the video going out of focus for a few seconds there).  Somehow I think even the above trophy design would have been ripped apart in the face of such an exciting victory.

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