Friday, August 26, 2011

NFL Joining The 21st Century: Playbooks On IPADs

In light of the Green Bay Packers playbook being strewn across the city of Green Bay where just about anyone could view it, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' approach to their playbook format is unique and ground-breaking.

Old School Playbook Strewn Across Green Bay

Behold, the IPAD playbook.

New School Gadget To Contain Playbook/Game Film
It's not just a playbook, either.  Coaches can load game tapes, plays from other teams, practice film, and just about anything else they want their players to take a look at.  It's also much more convenient to carry about an IPAD than an 7-lb playbook the size of a phone book.  

Head Coach Raheem Morris conceived of the idea in the off-season when he and his coaching staff were relegated to watching thousands of hours of film in the film room.  Players and coaches used to watch game film copied onto DVDs, but even that was somewhat inconvenient.  They still have to fast-forward to find the play/situation they were trying to find.

"You'd have to use your general remote to fast-forward or rewind," Morris said. "With this iPad, I can just flick through, and if that play doesn't apply to me, I just touch it and get out of there and go here, and there's third down. Get out of there, and let's go to the red zone. Okay, there's the nickel. It's a different deal now."

It's just another way that technology is revolutionizing football.  Certainly not all teams will convert (although Green Bay should look at this strongly) over to this new approach in the near future, but several should once they hear how convenient it is for the players and coaches. 

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