Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miami Reaches New Low: To Celebrate Florida '99 BCS Title With Tim Tebow/Urban Meyer at Dolphins-Broncos Game

File this one in the "can you believe this???" department.

In what is clearly a desperate move to sell tickets, the Miami Dolphins have announced a special event that will take place when the Denver Broncos bring Tim Tebow along for their game on October 23.

They're celebrating the 1999 BCS Championship Florida Gators team.

Yes, you are correct that this is an NFL game.

Yes, you are also correct that this is MIAMI, Florida. Gainesville is actually where the University of Florida is located.  338 miles away.  There's another NFL franchise that's a lot closer.  Jacksonville, Florida, home of the Jaguars, is only 60 miles away.  That would seem to make more sense.**

As if it couldn't get any worse for the University of Miami, now their own town is throwing a party for their hated in-state rivals.


Yea, I Think It's Funny, Too, Boys

Seriously, and people wonder why Tebow is hated so much.  I know he didn't ask for this, but this is an utterly ridiculous by the Miami Dolphins.  Are they trying to get the city of Miami to turn their backs on them?

**Okay, I know that Miami's stadium is where they won the 1999 title, but it's still ridiculous.

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