Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tim Tebow Has Typical Up/Down Performance In Broncos-Seahawks Preseason Game

Tim Tebow got some more work on Saturday night in the Denver Broncos preseason game with the Seattle Seahawks. Once again, there were good things and bad things to like about his performance.  Considering how much attention Tebow is getting (and not in a good way in Denver), I thought I would objectively take a look at his performance to see how he is progressing.

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  • Tebow needs to know the situation.  Specifically, how important it is to NOT get a delay of game call in the fourth quarter of a game when you're only up seven points. 
  • He's excellent at escaping the pocket when it collapses.  That elusiveness will help him in his development. 
  • I liked it when he had a couple plays where he could have taken off running and instead he looked for the receiver up-field and then made the pass.  Running in those instances might still result in a first down, but they're not helping him become a better passer.
  • The local Denver announcers are much quicker to criticize Tebow than they used to be.  Specifically, the play on the last drive where Tebow fumbled the ball on the snap.  Clearly it was a very low shotgun snap, but immediately the announcers criticized Tebow for dropping the ball.  When the replay showed how low the snap was, there was a small comment about it and that was it.  
  • He needs to trust the play call for quick screens.  A batted-down pass is better than a sack. If half of your blocking is leaving to go up-field to block for the screen, you won't have a chance for positive yards. Tebow needs to understand that.
  • Interesting how Tebow was a good 4-5 feet away from Head Coach John Fox during the fourth quarter challenge. Show of respect and acknowledgement of Fox's authority.  
  • I liked how Denver gave Tebow opportunities to throw in those last few drives he had.  Clearly, if you're looking to win the game, then you simply run the clock. However, it's just preseason, and what you want is to evaluate Tebow throwing in live game conditions so you can continue to evaluate him and finds things to coach him on.

There are still a lot of Tebow fans in Denver, but there's also a growing large anti-Tebow movement here as well.  Denver fans are very frustrated with the team in recent years with their relative lack of success, and aren't feeling particular patient.  The real problem is the constant media attention on Tebow at all times.  First round pick or not, if he were any other third string quarterback, he'd be given plenty of time and space to improve by the fans.

For that reason, I also think that Tebow needs to instill some self-discipline and not give media interviews once the season starts.  Blend into the background during this season and simply learn. The more you're talked about when you're not playing, the more your fans will clamor to see you play and the more your anti-fans will loudly yell for you to be released or traded.

Here's where I previously discussed the possibility of Tebow switching positions.  Here is also where I discussed Tebow's status as third string quarterback.

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