Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dan Uggla's Streak Hits 30; How Far Can He Go?

Dan Uggla is on the hottest streak of his life.  For 30 consecutive games the Atlanta Braves second baseman has gotten at least one hit.  How good of a streak is that?

Over the course of MLB's 142-year history, only 53 players before Uggla had been able to hit in at least 30 games in a row.  Uggla becomes the 54th, and possibly the most unlikely.  Uggla's batting average when he started the streak, .172, is the lowest average since 1918 of any hitter who has made it this far.  

If he extends his streak to 31, he will be in the top 34 of hitting streaks.   Honestly, it's a bit of a boring stretch in the MLB right now prior to the run-up to any remaining playoff races. I'd like Uggla's streak to go on for a while longer.

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