Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brett Favre Admits He's Done A Year Too Late

In a recent radio interview with a Buffalo radio station, future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre discussed his future.
"I don't have that feeling, that chip on my shoulder," said Favre, the NFL's all-time leader in numerous passing categories. "I mean, I could easily talk myself into that chip on my shoulder like, 'Hey everybody hates you,' ... I could motivate myself."
Indeed, that was one of the Five Reasons I stated in a blog post back in early July about why Favre wouldn't be coming back for another season. 

Favre also admitted that the 2010 season was a mistake on his part and that he should have retired following his amazing (and improbable) 2009 season where he led the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship Game.

Can we finally put this whole-Brett Favre-thing to rest now? I know ESPN likes to use him as one of their regular cash cows, but isn't everyone else already switched over to using Tim Tebow for that?

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