Sunday, August 14, 2011

Austin Collie's New Helmet: Can It Prevent Concussions?

Did the Indianapolis Colts do a disservice to their wide receiver, Austin Collie, last season in regards to his multiple concussions? One blog thinks so, and it's worth checking out the rationale.

The Concussion Blog is dedicated to concussion news in the world of sports, and it followed Collie's injuries closely last year.  There was a lively debate on whether Collie suffered two or three concussions in the course of the season before he was placed on IR.

NFL policy stipulates that a player must pass all his post-concussion tests by both his team and an independent doctor before he is allowed back onto the field.  In making an argument that the Colts might have put Collie on the field too soon, the Concussion Blog lays out a timeline of the injuries to Collie and how the team commented on the matter through the entire season.  It's definitely well-worth a read, and will help you to understand why the NFL has taken such a strong stand on concussions.

In a new post, the Concussion Blog notes that Austin Collie is on the field this year with an apparently new helmet.  This new helmet has a different design than the standard ones worn by most players, and the Blog theorizes that this might be a prototype of a new type of helmet designed to limit concussions.

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