Friday, July 29, 2011

Who Will Be The Denver Broncos Quarterback? Tebow, right? Or wrong?

The Denver Broncos have an interesting quarterback situation on their hands.  Their current #1 quarterback, Kyle Orton, has been heavily featured trade rumors for months.

The reason being is that #2 quarterback, Tim Tebow, is the designated "quarterback of the future" after being a first round pick in 2010 and taking over the team's starting position at the end of last year.

The problem is, nobody has pulled the strings that make that Orton trade a reality, and when the Broncos practiced for the first time yesterday this season, Tebow looked more like a third string quarterback than it's top guy.  Even supposed third-string, Brady Quinn, outperformed Tebow in practice according to a variety of writers that were there.

If the off-season had been different, and the Broncos could have helped Tebow along in his development, I'm sure Orton would have been long gone.  However, if Tebow hits a sophomore slump under brand new coach John Fox (who didn't draft him), will the Broncos actually keep Orton and see how the season develops?

Fans in Colorado have already expressed their desire to see Tebow start, and his jersey is the top-selling Broncos jersey and one of the top selling jerseys league-wide.

One caveat to all this is that the Broncos may simply be playing up how good Orton is to attract a trading suitor. Orton looked good in training camp last year til the season started.  He also has one year remaining on his contract, and the Broncos would be unlikely to keep him after this year so it makes sense to get a deal done now.

There is no doubt that the Dolphins would like to significantly upgrade their quarterback corps, with Chad Henne as their current starter.  There's always a possibility for a team like Washington to also jump in at the last minute and take Orton.

However, there's still a chance that Orton may perform so well in these early practices that Coach Fox feels he has no choice but to keep him on the squad again.  If that happens, the 2011 NFL season in Denver should be anything but dull.

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