Thursday, July 28, 2011

My 2010 Visit To Denver Broncos Pre-Season; Tim Tebow's First NFL Training Camp

I happen to live fairly close to the Denver Broncos training facility at Dove Valley in Colorado, and last year I attended the opening day of training camp.  It was Tim Tebow's inaugural season, and it was clear he was a fan favorite.  There were already several Tebow jerseys worn by fans, and also quite a few Florida Gator shirts.

However, it was team leader Kyle Orton who was actually the first one out of the locker room, with Tebow following a few minutes behind.  I took some pictures of Tebow that showcased how big the guy actually is.

Tim Tebow at 2010 Broncos Training Camp
Tebow (left), Kyle Orton (back facing camera), and Brady Quinn (right)
Quarterback huddle in 2010 Training Camp

Tebow Gets Some Personal Coaching From
Then-Head Coach Josh McDaniels
Tebow gets in some extra reps with the
running backs after his first practice

Tebow certainly looks like a football player

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