Monday, July 25, 2011

What To Expect This Week In The NFL

Now that the CBA has been agreed to by the Owners and Players, it's time for the NFL schedule to reach a special level of crazy this week.  Be prepared to be completely overwhelmed with news regarding several dozen topics each day.  Here's a breakdown of this week's schedule and what we might expect to hear on each particular day:

  • Monday
    • Players sign off on CBA and the resulting press conferences have to be done
    • Separate meetings are being held this afternoon to brief NFL coaches and each team's executives/staff to inform them of the changes in the CBA and how that will change things going forward.
    • 6 p.m. ET, the NFL will release the full list of Free Agents
  • Tuesday
    • NFL facilities will open to the players. They can meet with medical/training staff, strength and conditioning staff for evaluations, and coaches in the film room. Expect to hear A LOT about Peyton Manning getting in to finally see his own trainer/physical therapist. 
    • At 10 a.m. ET, teams can begin to negotiate and sign their drafted rookies and undrafted rookie free agents
    • Teams can begin to negotiate with free agents on any team
    • Trading period begins (no timeline has been specified; and this is subject to change)
  • Wednesday -  
    • Teams will continue to negotiate with free agents, make trades, and sign rookies
    • Training camps can officially open with actual practices, but they are not allowed to practice in pads until Saturday
  • Thursday
    • Huge day as the waiver period will open after 4:01 p.m ET.  This will dominate the news day as players such as Reggie Bush could be released 
  • Friday
    • 6 p.m ET, full free agency begins where teams are able to actually sign free agents from any team

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