Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Day After Articles/Analysis On World Cup Win For USA

There's quite a bit of press coverage for the USA Women's World Cup team following their dramatic win yesterday over Brazil.

The team itself has flown out of Dresden to Monchengladbach for their semi-final match against France this morning.  That will be shown on ESPN on Wednesday morning at Noon, EST.

  • Grant Wahl commends the US effort in never giving up even in the final minutes of a game that they seemed all but certain to lose.  He also writes about the American team selects its penalty kickers, and how that unfolded on Sunday. 
  • Jaime Lowe from ESPN talks about the crowd support for the U.S. at the game, how loud they were and for how long.  Money quote from Hope Solo:  "I didn't hear the crowd at the time -- I didn't hear anything, but I could feel them every time I went in for penalty kicks." 
  • Slate covers the game with an eye towards a discussion of how the game played out, with the questionable calls and penalties that went against both sides (mostly against the Americans)
  • MSNBC has a nice article on how this American women's team is carving out its own legacy, finally out from under the shadow of Mia Hamm.

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