Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pre-Season Week 1 Games To Watch: See Cam, Tebow, and Romo In Action

The NFL Pre-Season, for a football junkie, is a chance to see rookies in action, as well as how systems have changed under new coaches.  Rookie quarterbacks, especially, will be closely watched by rabid fans of their team, as well as potentially interested fantasy owners.

The NFL 2011 Pre-Season Schedule Highlights for Week 1

Thursday, August 11

  • Denver @ Dallas - The return of Tony Romo for Cowboys fans against the hope of Broncos football, Tim Tebow. Even if it's just a quarter of playing time for Romo, Tebow should play the entire first half for the experience.  Denver fans will want to see Tebow in significant action.
Friday, August 12
  • Cincinnati @ Detroit - Andy Dalton's debut vs the return of Matt Stafford.  Also a battle of elite receivers, with Ochocinco and top draft pick A.J. Green on the field for Cincinnati and Megatron (Calvin Johnson) for Detroit.  Detroit's upgraded defensive line with new addition Nick Fairley lining up next to Ndamukong Suh will also be debuting.
Saturday, August 13
  • New York Giants @ Carolina - Cam Newton's first appearance in a Panthers uniform
  • Indianapolis @ St. Louis - Will Peyton Manning play, or will his off-season neck surgery continue to hold him back?  If he doesn't play, then this won't be much of a match-up. If that's the case, then just focus on the offensive changes that new coordinator Josh McDaniels has made and see how Sam Bradford is adjusting.
  • Minnesota @ Tennessee - Even if they aren't starting, both rookies quarterbacks Christian Ponder and Jake Locker will see significant time on the field.

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