Thursday, July 28, 2011

Donovan McNabb Will Revive His Career With Vikings, Great Fantasy Pickup

Here are the reasons why Donovan McNabb's move to the Minnesota Vikings will be great for his career, but also great for your fantasy football team (if you pay attention):

  • Let's state the obvious first: McNabb will be looking to prove everyone wrong who said he was washed up with the Eagles and then the Redskins. Motivation will not be a problem.
  • McNabb's issues with the Redskins coaching staff had a lot to do with new (and very young) offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's ability to deal with a difficult situation;  He won't have a problem like that with new Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier, who was an assistant coach in Philadelphia while McNabb was there.
  • McNabb is a tremendous upgrade in a lot of ways from Brett Favre.  You will get far less turnovers, and an excellent locker room presence on the team.  
  • Adrian Peterson may finally have that record-breaking season he should have had these past few years.  McNabb won't feel the need to be the focus point of the offense that clearly under-performed last year.  
  • If Visanthe Shiancoe stays with the Vikings, he could have his best year yet.  Donovan McNabb likes to throw to his tight ends, and in a division that has a lot of tough defenses, a good tight end is worth his weight in gold. For that reason, keep an eye on rookie, Kyle Rudolph, who was the top tight end in this year's NFL draft. I wouldn't be surprised to see two-tight-end sets with the Vikings this year to maximize Peterson's effectiveness, and that could lead to some great tight end numbers.
  • The same thing holds true for Percy Harvin, if he can stay on the field with his chronic migraine issues. Harvin is a short-field, possession receiver, and the kind of guy who could catch 80 balls this year if he stays healthy.
  •  The one caveat is that the Vikings will need a long-ball threat now that Sydney Rice has left the team. I'm not as worried about this in the short-term, as free agency has yet to end.

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