Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jim Tressel Lands On His Feet With New Job At University of Akron

I was a little worried about Jim Tressel.  After all, he got fired from his job at Ohio State University. Then he had to take a huge pay cut and work as a replay consultant for some team in Indianapolis (talk about a fall from grace!).  

Now at least the man can feed his family.

Okay, I'm being sarcastic. I'm sure Tressel has at least a few million in the bank, and now he gets to add to it with his new job at the University of Akron.  In a job that was especially created for him, Vice-President for Strategic Engagement, Tressel will make $200,000 annually.  

What his job responsibilities are is a bit unclear.  
University officials say he will work with alumni, community organizations and friends of the school to develop strategies and efforts to help students succeed.
A bit vague to be sure.  Akron is making a move to simply elevate their name and try to attract more students to the University.  Although, as Joe Schad just said on twitter, he's to have no athletic duties, don't be naive.  This is a way back for Tressel.  

He can stay in this position for a year or two and then assume duties as head coach for the Zips.  The NCAA won't punish Akron for hiring Tressel if he's been an employee already for a few years. Akron will be able to circumvent the show-cause limitations much easier than any other school would be able to do.

Yep, this is the way back for Tressel, but at least he will be able to feed his family until he gets there.

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