Sunday, January 8, 2012

Denver Broncos Led By Tim Tebow Complete Epic Upset Over Pittsburgh Steelers

If you're a Steelers fan, this was the worst game of your life.  Last weekend, I watched the Broncos-Chiefs game around some Steelers fans who all chirped after the game about how badly the Steelers would beat the Broncos.

Then Tebow time happened. Crazy enough, it started off in the second quarter.  That end-of-game aggression that we have seen so many times this year finally was on display the entire game, AND IT WORKED!  Whether the Broncos were simply holding this back in reserve as a game plan, or whether they simply saw a vulnerable Pittsburgh Steelers secondary, the word of the day was aggression.

Tebow had 316 yards on 10 completions, and four of those completions were for 40 or more yards.  This was against the NFL's #1-ranked defense.  The Steelers were tops against the pass, total yards, and points allowed.

This was actually somewhat reminiscent of their season-opening game against the Baltimore Ravens. Pretty bad bookends to the season for Pittsburgh.

As for the Broncos, Head Coach John Fox has proven why he was such an excellent choice by John Elway to lead this team.  Identifying the weakness of the Steelers defense and having the guts to call the pass plays needed to win the game was something that should be recognized and applauded.

The Broncos defense played well the entire game.  You can't understate the importance of that defensive stand in the fourth quarter when the Steelers could have driven into field goal position in the last minute.  Knocking the ball from Roethlisberger's hands was one of the key plays of the game.

Finally, we have Tebow. When Tebow took over mid-way through this season, I said that the season was over and that Tebow simply needed to be evaluated for the future.  Boy, was I wrong!!!!!

Tebow showed today his ability to throw the ball in rhythm and accurately.  The difficulty in bringing him down in the pocket.  He was like a smaller Roethlisberger today, and he showed the kind of leadership and ability that a champion needs to have.

I'm actually so happy to be living in Denver during this entire Tebow saga. Up and down, like the craziest roller coaster you've ever been on.  However, this season finally does end, it will have been one memorable ride.

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