Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craig James Harassed Texas Tech Coaches During Games To Play His Son

Sports By Brooks is reporting today that, while in the broadcast booth for three Texas Tech football games in 2009, former ESPN analyst Craig James called the sidelines to tell coaches to play his son, Adam.

Adam, if you remember, was the center of a scandal that involved then-coach Mike Leach allegedly disciplining the younger James by locking him in an equipment shed during practice.  As a result of the controversy that surrounded this, Leach was eventually fired by Texas Tech.

I'm not sure of the exact definition of "meddlesome parent", but this has got to be pretty close.  What is amazing is that ESPN wouldn't have known of this situation with James calling from the broadcast booth during games.  If this is true, then ESPN failed greatly in its role as impartial news organization.

It really doesn't change my opinion of Craig James at all.  It sounds like something he would think he could do.  I already considered the guy to be a terrible blowhard analyst,  and was very, very happy he decided to leave ESPN and make a run for Senator from the great state of Texas.  After he left them open to a potentially damaging lawsuit from Leach, I'm sure ESPN is very glad to see him go as well.

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