Thursday, December 15, 2011

Would Jerry Jones Ever Give Up Control of the Dallas Cowboys?

Would Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ever concede football control over his team again like when he did when Bill Parcells was the coach? If he were to let go of Jason Garrett, would he hire a guy who would demand complete player control decisions?  Could he ever stop being the GM?

Coaching Carousel

When Jones did it the first time, his team was in a lot of trouble.  Consensus opinion at the time was that it was heading in the wrong direction and didn't have a lot of talent on the roster.  Parcells brought in a lot of talent, both coaching and player.  However, his record was only 34-30, and his heavy-handed tactics didn't work with the players that he brought in.

So when Parcells left, Jones brought in yes-man Wade Phillips.  The team actually responded to the softer tactics, and Phillips went 34-22 with a couple of division titles.  However, they never could find that mental toughness to make a deep playoff run.  Ultimately, the players stopped responding to the softer ways of Phillips.

I do not know exactly why Jones feels that yes-man Jason Garrett, the current head coach, is THE MAN for the Cowboys.  Sure, he's a former player and has been in the Cowboys organization for a while.  Jones believed in him so much that he hired him as his offensive coordinator before he had hired Wade Phillips back in 2007.

Garrett seems to be somewhere in between Parcells and Phillips, but without any head coaching experience.  His methods and decisions are at times questionable.  I wonder how long he will be able to survive.  Probably longer than he should.  I would expect defensive coordinator Rob Ryan to be fired before Garrett.

Jerry Jones As GM

This is ultimately where Jones fails.  I'm not questioning that Jones knows football.  He has a background playing, and he's been around the game his whole life.

However, I look at it like this: if he weren't the Cowboys owner, would any of the teams in the NFL hire him as their GM?

I think the answer is pretty obvious.  Jones is a fantastic businessman who obviously knows what he's doing in that department.  However, it may be because he's such a great businessman that his work at GM suffers.  Jones can't possibly devote the kind of 24/7 attention to personnel the way that all the other GM do when he's got the entire Cowboys organization

I know he loves football.  That much is obvious.  I know he loves the Cowboys.  However, is he really the best choice to be making football decisions for the team?

In the end, would Jones ever step aside and concede control of his beloved team again?  I'm sure a lot of Cowboys fans want him to, but Jones is a very stubborn man.  He seems to relish being the face of the franchise and being in the spotlight.  Personally, that's not what I want from my owner or my GM.  Cowboys fans, your only chance is to let Jones know how you feel.  

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