Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New York Jets Need To Start Looking For Quarterback To Compete With Mark Sanchez

I was going to write another article about how disappointing Mark Sanchez has been this season, but Yahoo's  Jason Cole has beat me to it with the exact same point I was going to shoot for.

In case you don't want to read the full article here (and you should), here are some highlights:

  • Sanchez has barely improved statistically since his rookie season.  
  • He still makes maddening throws that end up as interceptions.
  • The Jets are still not able to give Sanchez the lead in the offense, despite the fact that he's in his third year starting.
  • A big theme in the article is that Sanchez is being sloppy with his play, and that's leading to ill-timed turnovers.
I would toss an opinion into the ring that sloppiness in quarterback play is lack of attention to detail.  Not studying hard enough. Not focusing hard enough.  How much time is Sanchez putting in when no one is looking? Is he throwing extra to his receivers after practice? 

If you've read any of my previous Sanchez articles, you'll know I'm not a fan.  I don't dislike the guy. I just think that he was put into a situation in the NFL that he was 100% not ready for.  He went from the glitz of starting for USC ONE SEASON and ended up as a top-five draft pick for the New York Jets.  The Jets, with their top-level defense and very smart head coach, shouldn't have to put up with a young quarterback who continually makes mistakes like this.  I can not remember another young qb in recent memory who got to start right out of the box, played this ineffectively for the better part of three years, and still kept his starting job.  

The Jets do need to start looking at some viable quarterback alternatives.  With Mark Brunell as a backup, there's not a real legitimate threat to Sanchez's starting job.  Then again, I'd love to see Sanchez get benched.  Perhaps that attention to detail he seems to be lacking would suddenly show up.

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